Showcase. DFO wants to democratize passive houses

Bruno Bérard left the Paris region to return to his native Brittany and build his house in Cruguel (near Josselin).The former automotive engineer took two years to build it from A to Z and achieve his goal: to build an ecological and passive house.”I’ve been interested in passive houses for 15 years because I was a property trader for eight years in Paris, and I was already a fan of optimisation,” he explains.

This passion for passive houses, Bruno Bérard decided to make it his business by creating his company.At the end of the year he finished his second house, in Grand-Champ, in a place called Guenfrout.”It will be both a show house, my main residence, and the headquarters of my company, DFO, which will spread over the entire southern Morbihan region,” he continues.

Very isolated houses

He has put together his first team and after four months of construction, he hopes to move in mid-January.


Apart from the roof, everything else is done in-house,” he sums up.

MPO constructions are built using a precise process, “with Techno Metal Posts for deep foundations, a wooden slab, a double braced frame, Douglas-fir siding and gypsolignum plasterboard covered with an environmentally friendly paint”.

The use of triple-glazed windows, but also the presence of large areas of glass, allow heat to be captured, “which does not come out, thanks to a double-flow CMV.”

This type of house is highly insulated, with walls of 35 to 40 cm, which contain high-performance insulation (cellulose wadding or hemp wool or other).”Thanks to the high insulation, these are houses that need very little heating; they consume about 15 kWh/m2 per year.”

As a general building contractor, MPO wants to offer its clients (who already have a plot of land) the opportunity to build their passive house in four months at a cost of between $1,500 and $1,700 per m2.

Our aim is to democratise passive houses in Brittany.In this sense, we are not only addressing an audience of green people.It’s just common sense,” concludes the CEO.

Practical information.DFO, https://www.mpo.bzh/